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Three Chinese women were left [strand / stranded] at a South Korean airport after immigration officials said their passport photos did not [match / suit] their faces. The women had just had cosmetic surgery to change their [looking / looks] . The surgery had transformed their faces to such [an / the] extent that passport control [official / officials] in South Korea could not confirm their [indemnity / identity] . Photos of the women went [viral / virtual] on the Internet. Their faces were [swollen / swell] from the surgery and were heavily bandaged. The Shanghaiist.com website reported that the women were not allowed to take their return flight back to China, and were [instead / steadily] held for questioning by the airport authorities. It is still [unclear / nuclear] if the women have been able to return to China.

South Korea has become the cosmetic surgery [capitalistic / capital] of the world. Cosmetic surgery tourism from China is now [booming / boomed] business. More than 500,000 Chinese residents [the / a] year flock to clinics in South Korea to reshape their faces and bodies. Many of them go to clinics that specialize [on / in] making clients look more "Western". Cosmetic surgery is also [hugely / huge] popular with South Koreans. Around half of women [under / beneath] 30 in the capital Seoul are estimated [to / that] have had surgery. Many parents encourage their children to [oversee / undergo] surgery in efforts to gain a "competitive edge" in the job [marketing / market] . There are even hugely popular prime time TV shows that [feature / future] before and after transformations.

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