Speed Reading — Potato Chips - Level 2 — 100 wpm

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There is a shortage of potatoes in New Zealand. This means there could be fewer potato chips until next year. Potato chip lovers are calling this a "chipocalypse". This is from the words "chip" and "apocalypse". New Zealand has had a very wet winter. This has hit potato farmers. In some areas, a third of the potatoes used to make potato chips has been lost. This means companies will make fewer potato chips, and prices for potato chips will be higher.

The Potatoes New Zealand group told a radio station: "It started raining in March, and it just simply hasn't stopped. We've had the entire year's worth of rainfall already….It's continuous, so the soils never get a chance to dry out." The group said potatoes are alive and need to breathe, but they are drowning and rotting because they are under water. A big supermarket said: "We are working…to manage supply as much as possible."

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