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Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been disqualified from his governmental position because he [held / meld] dual citizenship when he was elected. He was one of five politicians who were [doomed / deemed] as being incorrectly [election / elected] because they held two passports and were [thus / this] dual citizens. They were [ineligible / illegible] because they were a "subject or [citizen / citizenry] of a foreign power". Australia's constitution prohibits [dually / dual] nationals from being elected. Mr Joyce's departure has [put / took] pressure on Australia's ruling National Party, which now has just 75 seats [in / on] the 150-seat House of Representatives. Mr Joyce could return to office by running in a by-election after he [denounced / renounced] his New Zealand citizenship in August.

Mr Joyce accepted the court's decision, which he said [typical / typified] the democratic values of Australia. He said: "I respect the [verdict / predict] of the court. We live in a [marvel / marvelous] democracy. With all the [checks / cheques] and balances, it has given [them / us] all the freedoms we see. I thank the court for their deliberations." He added: "The decision of the court today is clearly not the [income / outcome] we were hoping for, but the business of government goes [on / out] ." Many Australians believe the dual citizenship laws should be [charged / changed] . The latest census in Australia shows that 28 per cent of Australians were [born / birth] overseas. Many more have a family history going back [generations / generation] that would entitle them to claim dual citizenship.

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