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The words
An 18-year-old girl in Japan is [using / suing] her local government after her school told her to dye her hair black. The third-year student [attention / attended] a high school in the city of Habikino, [just / justly] east of Osaka. Even though she had [naturalness / naturally] brown hair, the school [repeatedly / repeated] told her to dye it black. She said she had to dye her hair black to [follow / chase] the school's rules. Japan's 'Mainichi' newspaper reported that school staff started telling the girl to dye her hair [every / ever] one to two weeks. In her second year, this changed to once every four days. The student's mother said her daughter [event / eventually] developed a rash on her scalp and that her hair became [bad / badly] damaged. The girl also suffered from stress [throughout / thoroughly] her three years at high school.

The student is suing the [local / locally] government for $20,000 [in / on] damages. She told the court on October 27th that the school [bully / bullied] her for three years to dye her hair. She said that the school would not [accept / except] her hair was naturally brown. She was [binned / banned] from school trips and school festivals because of her brown hair. The girl told the court that teachers said things to her in front [as / of] the class that caused great [embarrassment / embarrassed] to her. This caused her [psychology / psychological] damage. She said that a teacher told her that she should not come to school if she didn't dye her hair. The girl said that she was [such / so] stressed one day that she collapsed and had to be [took / taken] to hospital by ambulance.

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