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New Zealand's government has announced a ban on the [purchase / purchases] of homes by foreigners. Soon-to-be Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Tuesday that the ban would [benign / begin] in early 2018. The measure is to [address / mail] the current housing crisis in New Zealand. For the past few [decadence / decades] , overseas buyers have been [snapping / snipping] up houses as investments or for holiday homes in New Zealand. This has created an increased [remand / demand] for properties, which has seen house prices [soar / sore] . Prices have risen by more than 50 per cent in the last decade. New Zealanders are up in [arms / legs] at the inflated prices they now have to pay to buy a home. Many [citizenry / citizens] have simply been priced out of the market and cannot afford to get on the housing [ladder / steps] .

Ms Ardern expressed her [determination / determined] to end the practice of [overseas / undersea] investment increasing property prices. She said: "We are determined to make [it / them] easier for Kiwis to buy their first home, so we are stopping foreign speculators buying houses and [driven / driving] up prices. Kiwis should not be [biding / outbid] like this." However, the new measure will not [apply / appliance] to Australians. [Furthermore / Furtherance] , overseas investors will still be able to buy land. Ardern said the changes would not stop non-residents or non-citizens from buying [residence / residential] land to build a house on. She stated: "Our position has always been that if you're adding to [supply / demand] …then you will be able to build." Ardern said she hopes the ban will "take some of the heat" out of the [property / prosper] market.

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