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The words
A new [study / studying] shows that some poor people in Hong live in tiny homes. Residents from a housing [allied / alliance] found that 204 families in their area [living / live] in homes that are smaller than prison [sells / cells] . The families live in the Kwai Chung [arena / area] of Hong Kong. The average living space [per / par] person was just 4.6 square meters. This is [rough / roughly] the size of three toilet cubicles, or about [half / halved] the size of a car parking space. The average size of a prison cell for Hong Kong's maximum security prisoners is about 50 per cent bigger than the [sizing / size] of the Kwai Chung homes. A 2016 government report stated that over 65 per cent of Hong Kong families live in homes that [range / ranch] between 7 and 14 square meters.

Hong Kong has one of the world's [must / most] expensive housing markets. Britain's 'Guardian' newspaper said an average [residence / resident] would have to save for more than 18 years in [order / orders] to pay for a tiny home. A member of the Kwai Chung housing alliance told reporters about how [unhappy / unhappily] people are about living in such a small home. He said: "It is [completely / complete] unacceptable and inhumane that the living area for people is the same as for prisoners in such a [prosper / prosperous] city like Hong Kong." Another resident said she could only [ford / afford] a tiny room for her husband and six-year-old son. The room has a [bunk / sunk] bed, a closet and a small [fold / folding] table. She said: "The bathroom is so small we have to sit [sideways / sides] to go to the toilet."

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