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The words
An American scientist is going to try and [proof / prove] his belief that the Earth is flat. The man's name is Mike Hughes and he is 61 years old. He is a flat-Earther – someone who [beliefs / believes] that the Earth is flat and not round. He has been [interested / interesting] in science for many years and [taught / teach] himself how to make a rocket. He will get into his rocket on Saturday and fire [him / it] hundreds of meters in the air. The rocket cost Mr Hughes $20,000 to make. Hughes said it is [powerful / powered] by steam and can fly [at / up] 800kmh. He told reporters why he made his rocket. He said: "I like to do extraordinary things that no one [body / else] can do. No one in the history [for / of] mankind has designed, built and launched himself [in / on] his own rocket."

Mr Hughes says when he flies above Earth, he will take photos to [proof / prove] that the Earth is flat and disc-shaped. He [believes / beliefs] that the Earth is just a mass of land [surround / surrounded] by large walls of ice at the edges. He said: "I don't believe [on / in] science." He added that his project will "shut the door [on / in] this ball-Earth" idea. He is a little worried about the flight. He said: "It's as [scared / scary] as hell, but none of us are getting out of this world alive." Hughes said he wants to [run / walk] for Governor of California after his rocket tests. He hopes his flat-Earth discovery will help [his / him] do this. People can see Mr Hughes' flight this weekend [live / life] on his website. He said he has put out enough food for his four cats just in case something [does / goes] wrong.

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