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Scientists from two of the USA's [elite / elitist] universities have pioneered a new method of creating artificial muscles. The scientists have [daubed / dubbed] their discovery [as / has] a "soft robot". It is a 2.6-gram "muscle" that looks like a small bag with many water-filled [condiments / compartments] . It has been given amazing [strength / strong] by supporting it with an origami-inspired structural framework. This allows the [artificially / artificial] muscle to lift an object that is 1,000 times its [own / down] weight. The New Scientist website said this weight-to-strength [rated / ratio] is the equivalent of a newborn baby lifting a large 4WD car. The ground-breaking [discovery / discover] could greatly benefit many areas of science, medicine, robotics and [engineers / engineering] .

The scientists are from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. They are [experts / expats] in the field of soft robotics. They said their new soft robot muscle can [been / be] made in just 10 minutes and costs [less / few] than one dollar. Researcher, professor Robert Wood, hopes [to / for] create "softer" robots that are more [similarity / similar] to humans. He said: "Humans are [normally / normal] soft and brittle compared to the big industrial robots that you might find on an [assembled / assembly] line. The next step is to take [these / this] system and develop it into a fully functional robot." Dr Daniela Rus explained that the robots could be like the [human / humane] hand. They could be strong enough to [gripe / grip] any object firmly, while being soft and gentle.

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