Speed Reading — Glitter - Level 4 — 400 wpm 

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Scientists want to highlight the damage glitter does to our environment. They want a worldwide ban on the shiny plastic that decorates everything around us. Scientists say glitter is a micro-plastic and should be banned. A lot of glitter ends up in the world's oceans. Fish cannot digest glitter. It does not break down so it stays in the food chain. A professor found that plastic was discovered in about one-third of the fish caught around the United Kingdom.

Micro-plastics are less than five millimeters long. A professor told a newspaper: "I think all glitter should be banned because it's a micro-plastic." Another professor was worried after his daughters got some shower gel with glitter in it. He said it would, "escape down the plughole and…enter the environment". A cosmetics company will no longer use plastic glitter. It said: "We've avoided micro-plastics by switching to synthetic and mineral glitter."

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