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The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has [announced / announcing] that the USA officially recognizes [what / that] Jerusalem [is / as] the capital city of Israel. This [goes / comes] ahead of the USA moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The decision by President Trump [overturns / overruns] decades of America having its embassy in the city of Tel Aviv. In an [addressing / address] at the White House, Mr Trump explained his [rational / rationale] for his decision. He said he, "judged this [course / cause] of action to be in the best interests of the United States of America, and the [pursuit / purchase] of peace between Israel and the Palestinians". He added that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital was, "nothing more or less than a recognition of [really / reality] ".

The UN called the decision "a moment of great [anxious / anxiety] ". It added: "There is no [alternatively / alternative] to the two-state solution." Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was "a [historic / historian] day". He said Israel was profoundly [gratitude / grateful] to President Trump. Palestinian leader, Ismail Haniya, described Trump's decision as a "[fragrant / flagrant] aggression," and "the official announcement of the end of the peace [process / progress] ." A Palestinian [diplomacy / diplomat] told the BBC that Mr Trump, "is [declaring/ declaration] war in the Middle East and against 1.5 billion Muslims." Israel's Haaretz newspaper wrote: "It will [certainly / certain] provide Iran and its allies with a wonderful rallying cry and could even [breathe / breath] new life into terrorist organizations like ISIS."

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