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The words
Scientists from Oxford University in the UK [believe / belief] they have found a bone that belonged to Santa Claus. The [really / real] name of Santa Claus is St Nicholas. He was a Christian [holy / holly] man who lived in the 4th century in [that / what] is now Turkey. He [dried / died] in the year 343. There are stories that he created many [miracles / miraculous] , which is why the Christian church made him a saint. The scientists said the bone is from [which / when] St Nicholas lived. An archaeologist said: "This bone…suggests that we could possibly be looking at [remains / remain] from St Nicholas himself." St Nicholas is the saint of children and students. There are stories that he [secrets / secretly] gave presents to poor people. This is the story [behind / before] today's Santa Claus.

Santa Claus has [other / another] names. His name can be [shorter / shortened] to Santa. In many countries, he is called Father Christmas. He is a [legendary / legend] character who brings presents to the homes of well-behaved children [on / in] the evening of the 24th of December (Christmas Eve). Badly [behavior / behaved] children get a piece of coal. He delivers the presents on a sleigh, which is pulled [though / through] the air by his flying reindeer. Santa Claus is usually [seen / seeing] as an over-weight, happy, smiling man with a white beard. He wears a red coat with a white [fur / for] collar and cuffs, red trousers, a black leather belt and black [boot / boots] . He lives in the North Pole, where he has a toy-making workshop. Children today can [truck / track] his Christmas Eve journey online.

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