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The words
Scientists have created plants that [blow / glow] in the dark. They are hoping to produce plants that can light [down / up] our lives. The scientists are from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [in / at] the USA. They hope their discovery could lead to plant lights [replace / replacing] electric lights. One day, even light [that / what] trees produce could replace street lights. Professor Michael Strano, [lead / iron] author of the research, explained that his team wants to create [sustain / sustainable] light sources and help the environment. He said: "The vision is to make a plant that will function [has / as] a desk lamp - a lamp that you don't have to plug [in / out] . The light is ultimately [powered / power] by the energy metabolism of the plant itself."

The researchers got the [idea / ideal] for their lighting plants from fireflies. They looked at the substance in fireflies that [makes / make] them glow. They created nanoparticles that [content / contain] the substance. They then put the nanoparticles into plant leaves to make [it / them] glow. The scientists were [able / ability] to make plants that glowed [for / in] nearly four hours. The research team has tested the substance on salad leaves, [include / including] spinach and watercress. Professor Strano said: "Our target is [for / to] perform one treatment, when the plant is a seedling or a [mature / nature] plant, and have it last for the lifetime of the plant." He thinks plant lights will be a part of our life in the future. He said: "We think this is an idea whose time has [coming / come] ."

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