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The words
A cafe [in / at] London has started a personalized way of [make / making] coffee. It is a new form of barista art [calling / called] the "selfieccino". A barista is someone who makes the coffee, lattes and frappuccinos in coffee shops. They [used / use] to draw chocolate hearts, flowers and swirls in the white froth of the coffee. However, they have now [took / taken] that to a new level. They can now put a picture of a [custom's / customer's] face in the white frothy coffee topping. This means coffee [loves / lovers] can sip on a cup of coffee with their [own / owner] self-portrait in it. The cafe is called the Tea Terrace. It is [located / location] in one of London's top shopping areas, Oxford Street. The cafe sold over 400 of the personalized drinks within days of starting the service earlier [these / this] week.

Baristas make [used / use] of technology to put the portraits of people on top of the coffee. Customers [send / sends] a picture of their face on an online messaging app. The barista then uses [a / the] machine called a "Cino" to change the picture into [an / the] image on the white froth using [different / difference] food colourings. The whole [processes / process] takes about four minutes and costs $7.50 for the selfie in the coffee. The owner of the cafe, Ehab Salem Shouly, [explained / explanation] why he started the selfieccino service. He said: "It's [not / no] enough any more to just deliver great food and great service. It's got to [be / been] Instagram worthy." People want to take photos of everything they do and [posting / post] their images on social media.

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