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The words
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that too [many / much] gaming is officially a mental health problem. The WHO has put "gaming addiction" [as / was] a mental health condition on its [officially / official] list of diseases. The list [is / it's] called the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). It says that gaming disorder [happens / occur] when people cannot stop playing and gaming becomes more important than other [interest / interests] in life. The WHO says this must [happen / happening] for at [last / least] a year for a doctor to say someone has gaming disorder. Someone with gaming disorder will [consist / insist] on gaming even if they know they have a problem and they have [suffering / suffered] "negative consequences" from gaming too much.

The WHO said doctors should be [aware / beware] that addiction to gaming is a clear and [present / presently] danger to people's health because it has "serious" consequences. A WHO spokesman said: "Most people who play video games don't [do / have] a disorder, just [like / liked] most people who drink alcohol don't have a disorder [either / neither] . However, in certain circumstances, [overuse / underuse] can lead to adverse effects." Some doctors believe that too much gaming should not [been / be] considered a mental illness. Psychiatrist Allen Frances [compared / comparison] an addiction to gaming to coffee addiction. He said: "Billions [for / of] people around the world are hooked [in / on] caffeine for fun or better functioning, but only [rarely / rare] does this cause more trouble than its worth."

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