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A junior high school in Texas, USA was [pleasant / pleasantly] surprised after being swamped by volunteers to stand [in / out] for absent fathers. Billy Earl Dade Middle School, in the city of Dallas, posted [on / in] Facebook asking for 50 male volunteers to [substitution / substitute] for absent fathers in an event called "Breakfast with Dads". Event organizers were [inundated / redundant] with replies. They said they were [astounded / stoned] after nearly 600 men responded to the request and [turned / tuned] up at the event. The school's inaugural "Breakfast with Dads" event was [for / to] enhance community spirit. Around 90 per cent of the children [come / go] from low-income families. Many of the students did not have a father who was able to participate [on / in] the event.

The school said the "Breakfast with Dads" event was [party / part] of an overall plan to improve its [academic / academically] position. Community leaders, [mentors / mental] and local organizations have combined to implement [variously / various] projects to increase test scores. There has been some academic improvement at the school as a [grade / result] of their efforts. A local [pastel / pastor] , the Reverend Donald Parish Jr, said: "When a young person sees someone [another / other] than their teacher [take / give] interest in them, it inspires them." A school liaison officer, Ellyn Favors, commented on the [succession / success] of the event. She said: "The look of awe, even disbelief, in students' eyes as they made their way through the crowd of "Dads" was [astonishing / astonish] ."

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