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Spain is [set / sent] to replace the USA as the world's second most popular tourist destination. This is according [of / to] statistics from the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The number of international tourists arriving in Spain [grew / growth] by over 7 per cent in 2017. Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy [corroborated / collaborated] the figures. He said the country had a [recorded / record] year in 2017, with more than 82 million international visitors. The growing [numeral / number] of international arrivals continues a growing [trend / trendy] . The figure for 2017 broke Spain's tourist arrival records for the fifth [bent / straight] year. This is [despite / spite] the terror attack on Barcelona in August, and demonstrations and unrest in Spain's Catalonia [region / regional] for independence.

There was [an / the] 8 per cent increase in tourism to Europe in 2017. The UNWTO said: "Led by Mediterranean [destinies / destinations] , Europe recorded [extraordinary / extraordinaire] results for such a [largely / large] and rather mature region." Africa is increasingly [becoming / became] an established and [attracted / attractive] destination and tourism there also went up by 8 per cent. Asia and the Pacific saw [growing / growth] of 6 per cent, the Middle East recorded 5 per cent, and tourism to the Americas grew by 3 per cent. The UNWTO added: "International travel continues to grow [strongly / strength] , consolidating the tourism [sector / section] as a key driver in economic development." France [detained / retained] its position as the world's top tourist destination.

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