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The words
South and North Korea have [agreed / agreeing] to use the same flag at next month's Winter Olympics. The Olympics will [take / give] place between the 9th and 25th of February in the South Korean [country / city] of PyeongChang. Many people were worried about what might happen when the North Korean team [attended / attending] the games. Tensions between the two countries have been very high [recent / recently] because North Korea has tested many missiles. However, there have been high-level [talked / talks] between the North and the South. Both sides have [decision / decided] to use a "unified Korea" flag at the games. In [addition / added] , they agreed to enter a joint [ice / iced] hockey team. This cooperation could mean that relations between the two countries could be [improving / improve] .

The [thaw / saw] in relations between the two countries could open the [hole / door] for more peace talks. The Korean peninsular has been [multiplied / divided] since the 1950-53 Korean War. In the [passed / past] few decades, there have been many attempts [at / on] improving ties between the two. The Winter Olympics could help this. The games mean the cross-border road will open for the [fast / first] time in two years. However, not all Koreans are happy with this news. Tens of thousands of people have [singed / signed] online petitions asking President Moon Jae-in to forget about the [plain / plan] . South Korea's hockey [coach / bus] is not happy because he said a united hockey team could damage South Korea's chances of winning a [metal / medal] .

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