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All prisoners in the U.S. state of New York are to be [giving / given] free tablet computers. The freebies are part of a [dealt / deal] struck between a private communications service called JPay and New York's prison service. The lucrative but [controversially / controversial] agreement involves the contractor [providing / provision] 54,700 convicts [within / with] a free tablet. The tablets will not be Internet [enabled / abled] , but prisoners will be able to get limited, but monitored, online access [as / by] plugging their device into approved kiosks [at / by] specific times. Inmates will be allowed to email an approved list of family and friends; order [certainly / certain] music, books and videos; and file grievances and reports of abuse. All of this activity will be heavily [monitored / monitor] by prison staff.

Prisoner support services welcomed the [freely / free] tablet initiative. They called it a "game-changer" and a "[huge / hugely] step forward". A New York State official said the tablets would help prisoners [remaining / remain] closer to their families, and [reduction / reduce] tensions between prisoners and prison guards. However, [lawyer / law] enforcement agencies are questioning the wisdom of giving tablets [to / by] convicts. Some law enforcement officers described it as a good example of how crime does [pay / paid] . Top police officer Ed Mullins questioned why prisoners were [get / getting] free tablets when other people in society [are / be] struggling. He said: "Little is done for the homeless, mentally ill, and hard-working people who can't [afford / affront] tablets in New York State."

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