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The words
The [tiny / tinny] city-state of Monaco on France’s Mediterranean coastline is having [problematic / problems] finding space for rich people. Monaco is less than 2 square kilometers in [size / sizes] and has some of the richest people in the world living [here / there] . It is called the playground of the rich and is home to a Formula 1 Grand Prix, a [famously / famous] casino and a luxury yacht-lined harbor. Over 30 per cent of its 38,000 [residents / residence] are millionaires. The country is [running / run] out of space for more millionaires. House prices are [ready / already] the highest in the world, with an average price of [around / round] $100,000 per square meter. City planners say an estimated 2,700 more millionaires are [hopping / hoping] to move there in the next 10 years.

Monaco's ruler, Prince Albert II, has [decided / decision] to build more homes in Monaco. He wants to reclaim land [of / from] the sea. He has OK'd a $2.1 billion project to [fill / filling] in 15 acres of the sea with concrete and sand. The project will have a harbor big [plenty / enough] for 30 ships, a landscaped park, [a / the] Japanese garden and 120 new [waterfront / watery] homes for the rich and famous. There will be a [huge / hug] demand for the new homes. People are attracted by the luxury lifestyle and [not / no] income tax. Marine experts are worried the construction will cause great damage to sea life and the [environmental / environment] . The Prince said he cares about the environment. He said important [species / specials] would be moved to a new artificial reef.

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