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Parents of a Tokyo elementary school are up in [legs / arms] at being asked to pay $730 for their child's school uniform. A public elementary school in Tokyo's [upmarket / marketing] Ginza district has decided to adopt new school uniforms designed by the luxury Italian [designer / designs] Armani. The [bespoke / spoken] uniforms, which include a hat and bag, are [priced / price] at over ¥80,000 ($730) each. Parents are angry at the school's [decide / decision] and are protesting at what they [viewing / view] as the exorbitant price for a uniform of an eight-year-old child. The school said it wanted a designer uniform that [replanted / represented] the rich area of Ginza. School officials visited [bottom / top] department stores and decided to [order / ask] the fashion brand Armani to design the uniform.

The expensive uniform has created such a [fuss / puss] that it has been discussed in Japan's parliament. One lawmaker said that [for / since] the school is public and not private, "a [certain / certainly] price range needs to be considered". Finance Minister Taro Aso said: "[Clearly / Clear] it's expensive. It would be tough if a student could not [effort / afford] to pay for it." Japan's education minister said steps would be taken to [sure / ensure] the financial burden placed on parents for uniforms, "would not be [excessive / recession] ". Twitter users said young children are not interested [in / on] designer clothes. The school principal said: "With [humility / humidity] , I take the criticism that the explanation has been insufficient and not well-timed. I will go on explaining carefully to those [cornered / concerned] ."

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