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Fashion designers and clothing [expats / experts] are wondering how a new suit might change their industry. The [suite / suit] is a little out of this world - literally. It is a spacesuit that has its own [building / built-in] toilet. The high-tech [garb / grab] has been [designed / designing] by NASA engineers to help astronauts deal with the call of [nature / natural] in emergency situations in space. The new suits are [called / call] the Orion Crew Survival Systems Suits (OCSSS). They will be [wearing / worn] by astronauts on NASA's next-generation spacecraft, Orion, which will [adventure / venture] a lot farther away from Earth than previous space missions have gone. The spacecraft will not be advanced enough to reach Mars, but will be [able / ability] to carry humans around the moon and back.

The OCSSS spacesuits will allow astronauts to [survival / survive] for six days in emergency situations. The suit is fitted [by / with] a revolutionary waste disposal system that will [allowance / allow] astronauts to do things like urinate and [defecate / delicate] without taking it off. Astronauts will also be able to eat [on / in] the suit. NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio explained how important and how [much / more] of a life-saver the OCSSS space suit will be. He said: "Spaceflight is not always glamorous. People need to go the bathroom, [even / ever] in a spacecraft. How is this [waste / paste] treated such that it does not [harm / harmful] the astronaut or even kill them?" The suit's technology could be used in hospitals and in the camping and trekking industries [at / in] the future.

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