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   beach      biggest      blockbuster      boats      bucket      coral      expert      hotels      hundreds      irreversible      island      magic      one      permanently      plastic      pretty      sea      shores      solution      tourism  
Thailand will close of its beaches to try and protect its coral from . The beach is on the of Koh Phi Phi Leh. It was in the movie 'The Beach'. Millions of tourists put it on their lists and up to 5,000 a day visit its . They arrive on of . These cause damage to the bay's coral. Most of the coral has died. The will close between June and September to let the coral recover.

Experts say that 80 per cent of Thailand's reefs have been destroyed. Many beaches have been damaged by tourism. A marine criticized the tourism. He said the problems were beachfront , boat anchors breaking the coral, and waste in the . He believes the "ideal " is to close the beach . He said: "While it's a very bay...a flotilla of boats and hordes of...tourists rather detract from the ."

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