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The leaders of the USA and North Korea are [set / met] to meet for the first time ever. A [historic / history] summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un will [give / take] place at an [as / has] yet undisclosed location by May. The two leaders will discuss North Korea's denuclearization. US Vice-President Mike Pence said American diplomacy had [brought / bought] North Korea to the negotiating table. He said: "It is [evidence / espionage] that President Trump's strategy to [resonate / isolate] the Kim regime is working." North Korea's ambassador [to / by] the UN hailed the "[courageous / courage] decision" of Mr Kim for bringing about the meeting. He said Kim would help secure "peace and [stable / stability] in the Korean peninsula and the East Asia region".

World leaders welcomed the [incoming / upcoming] inaugural meeting. Such unprecedented talks [seemed / seen] unlikely a few months ago, when the two leaders were [hurling / hurtling] insults at each other. It could be a sign that one-time enemies could [not / now] be "frenemies". South Korea's President Moon Jae-in said the meeting was "like a miracle". He said there would be obstacles [ahead / headed] , but the talks were a [stage / key] step towards denuclearization. He added: "The May meeting will be [recorded / records] as a historic milestone [in / so] achieving peace on the Korean Peninsula." China's President Xi Jinping telephoned Mr Trump to welcome the development. He [advised / advice] both sides to proceed with caution so as not to [stampede / impede] improving relations.

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