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A special vault storing the world's most [precocious / precious] seeds has now [amassed / massed] over one million different plant varieties. It recently took [delivery / deliver] of a consignment of seeds from 70,000 different crops. Global Seed Vault is [burial / buried] deep in an icy mountain in the Arctic Circle area of Svalbard, Norway. It was started ten years ago to [rearguard / safeguard] the future of the world's food supply. Climate change is [casing / causing] more and more [droughts / draughts] around the world, which are threatening different [species / specimen] of plants. The vault holds back-ups of seed samples [stored / storage] in other seed banks around the world. Hannes Dempewolf, a senior scientist at the Crop Trust, said: "Hitting the million mark is really [significant / significance] ."

Workers at the vault were not sure they would reach the million [make / mark] so soon. The crisis in Syria meant there was a [shortfall / landfall] of 90,000 seeds at the vault. The latest delivery to the vault [included / inclusion] cereal staples. There were also more unusual crops [as / like] the onion potato from Estonia and the Bambara groundnut, which is being developed [was / as] a drought tolerant crop in Africa. Marie Haga, executive director of the Crop Trust, spoke about the importance [of / at] the vault. She said: "Safeguarding such a huge [derange / range] of seeds means scientists will have the [best / good] chance of developing [nutritious / nutrition] and climate-resilient crops that can ensure future generations don't just survive, but [thrifty / thrive] ."

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