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The words
The American rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar has [became / become] the [first / firstly] non-classical or jazz musician to win the [prestige / prestigious] Pulitzer Prize for music. The annual award is given [to / at] musicians who have created a "distinguished musical [composer / composition] ". Lamar won it for his album "DAMN". The 30-year-old Lamar wrote and rapped about the [reality / real] of life as a black man in the USA. He wrote songs like "Alright" and "The Blacker the Berry". These have become very well [knowing / known] since the police [shootings / shoots] of many black people in America. The Pulitzer board said the album was a "virtuosic [sing / song] collection" that captured "the modern African-American life". Mr Lamar has not yet commented [on / in] his award.

The Pulitzer Prize is an award [for / to] achievements in journalism, literature, and musical composition. It started in 1917 to honour news [report / reporting] . The first prize for musical composition was [awarded / awarding] in 1943. Kendrick Lamar is the first rapper to win the award and the [must / most] commercially successful [musical / musician] to receive it. The prize is usually given to classical musicians. The Pulitzer committee said: "We are very [pride / proud] of this selection. It means that...the best work was awarded a Pulitzer Prize." It added: "It [shines / shining] a light on hip-hop in a completely different [weigh / way] ." Sky News said: "Lamar has won...for his deep lyrical [contain / content] ...and his profound mix of hip hop, spoken word, jazz, soul, funk, [poetry / poem] and African sounds."

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