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Swaziland's King Mswati III has changed country's to eSwatini. This means " of the Swazis". The is an monarch, so he has the to change his country. He spoke at the nation's Golden Jubilee , which was also his 50th birthday. He said: "African countries, on getting , reverted to their...names before they were colonized. So from on, the country will be known as...eSwatini."

King Mswati uses eSwatini in his , and at the UN and the African Union. Swaziland got its independence from Britain in 1968 but kept its name. Other British colonies changed their . Nyasaland became Malawi and Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. King Mswati said that would no confuse his with Switzerland. The UN, Google Maps and companies now have to change their .

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