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The words
There is a special job [opens / opening] for eight people who love riding motorbikes, enjoy long, hot summers, and like feeling the [windy / wind] in their hair. The position is a summer internship for the [legendary / legend] motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson. The company is [looked / looking] for people to learn to ride its bikes and then ride [that / them] across the USA all summer. It is [offering / offered] this job to celebrate the 115th anniversary of the founding [for / of] Harley-Davidson. The successful candidates will get special training [to / on] ride a Harley and must then share their experiences of their adventures of riding around the USA [on / in] social media. The lucky riders must also attend a [number / numbers] of events, including anniversary celebrations.

Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich explained [what / why] his company wants eight interns to [ride / ridden] motorcycles all summer. He said: "We're [continuously / continues] working to grow the sport [off / of] motorcycling. What better way to engage future riders than to have a [hole / whole] team of newly-trained enthusiasts share [personal / personally] stories as they [immerse / immense] themselves in motorcycle culture and community – all while gaining marketable career skills. I'm looking forward to following their journeys, learning about [them / their] experiences, and seeing them out on the road." To qualify, candidates must show they are [well / good] storytellers, be able to use social media well, and [description / describe] what freedom means in an essay, video or photo portfolio.

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