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The words
All villages in India now [have / has] electricity. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement [at / on] Monday. He said the [final / finally] village in the country to get electricity was the [remote / demote] Leisang village in the state of Manipur. The village was [connection / connected] to the grid on Sunday. Electrification of all villages in India was one of the government's biggest [promise / promises] . Mr Modi thanked everyone involved in the electrification [project / projector] . He tweeted: "April 28, 2018 will be remembered [was / as] a historic day in the development journey of India....We fulfilled a commitment, [due / dew] to which, the lives of...Indians will be transformed forever. I am delighted that every single village of India now has [access / excess] to electricity."

In 2015, PM Modi [permitted / promised] he would give 18,000 villages access to electricity for the first [timing / time] . Mr Modi said a village is electrified when it has the [basically / basic] power lines and 10 per cent of houses and [public / publicly] places (including schools, administrative offices and health centres) have power. While Mr Modi is happy [within / with] the progress made, many people say there is a lot more [working / work] to be done. The World Bank says 200 million Indians still [slack / lack] access to electricity. The "India Today" newspaper found [that / what] many villages still lacked electricity. One villager told its reporters: "The darkness [creative / creates] a big problem for the village as it is [frequented / frequently] by elephants."

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