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The words
Climate [scientists / sciences] from the University of Sydney in Australia say tourism causes [more / over] 8 per cent of greenhouse gasses. They also say that this [figure / figured] will continue to increase because the tourism industry [be / is] growing. Their study looked [at / to] the carbon footprint of many different [areas / area] of tourism. It studied the CO2 emissions from transport, events, hotels, restaurants and shopping. It [ever / even] researched the carbon emissions from [produced / producing] souvenirs. The researchers [spent / spend] 18 months conducting the research. They included the tourist activities of 189 countries. Researcher Dr Arunima Malik said her team analyzed the impact [in / on] the environment of over one million businesses involved in tourism.

The researchers said domestic travel was a [bigger / big] cause of CO2 emissions than international [nor / or] business travel. Air travel was the largest [part / partner] of tourism's footprint. The researchers said [flight / flying] would continue to increase global emissions as more people in the world become richer. The countries [caused / causing] the most harm were the biggest and richest [nation / nations] . The USA, China, India and Germany had the largest tourism carbon footprints. Their carbon emissions will continue [by / to] increase as more of their [citizens / citizen] travel. The researchers encouraged holiday-makers and travelers to try and reduce [them / their] carbon footprint when on vacation so their travel causes less harm [to / for] the planet.

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