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Time travelers have [been / being] invited to attend the memorial service for Professor Stephen Hawking. The legendary physicist, [cosmologist / cosmology] and author died on March 14. Thousands of fans and well-wishers [lined / lines] the streets in Cambridge, England for his [funereal / funeral] two weeks later. His family has now arranged a [special / specially] ceremony to allow people to remember and [celebration / celebrate] his life, and time travelers have been invited. Hawking famously wrote in his book "A Brief History of Time" that: "If time travel is [possibility / possible] , where are the tourists from the future?" Now they have the opportunity to travel back [in / at] time. The online entry [form / from] for the memorial allows people with birth dates up to December 31, 2038 to take [party / part] .

The [concept / conceptual] of time travel had fascinated and intrigued Professor Hawking over the [decadence / decades] . In 2009, he [staged / staggered] a glitzy party for time travelers at Cambridge University. He arranged champagne and snacks, and a [banter / banner] saying: "Welcome time travelers". No one from the future [attended / attention] that particular event. A spokesman for the Stephen Hawking Foundation, which is organizing the memorial service, said he had yet [for / to] receive a response from any time travelers to attend the memorial service. The [lifeline / deadline] to reserve a [place / plaice] at the June 15 event at London's Westminster Abbey is today. The spokesman said it was still possible. He said: "We cannot [exclude / exclusion] the possibility of time travel as it has not been disproven to our [satisfaction / satisfactory] ."

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