Gap Fill - Loch Ness Monster - Level 1


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A monster might live in a lake in Scotland. It is called the Loch Ness Monster, or "Nessie". It looks like a . It has a head and a neck. People first saw in 1933. Scientists will use a technique to look for the monster. A research will use a technique called eDNA . It try to find some of Nessie's DNA. A says this will show if the monster is or not.

Many tried to find the monster before. They put at the bottom of the 230-metre-deep . Nessie is often in the . All of Nessie are blurred. Some people say they are tyres in the water. The professor will test from the lake for DNA from the monster's . He will check all DNA to make sure it is not from other . If he finds new , that could belong to Nessie.

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