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   album      also      band      billion      charts      copies      fans      many      media      member      most      mostly      music      quickly      record      second      song      soon      tours      week  
A Korean reached number one in the U.S. album for the first time. The boy band BTS debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with their new , "Love Yourself: Tear". The seven- band released their album on May 18. It sold 135,000 in the first , including CDs and streamed music. The album is the top-10 hit for K-pop. The first was an album by BTS. The group thanked their by tweeting: "It's wonderful and very overwhelming. Thank you everyone who has listened to our . We will keep doing our best."

BTS was formed in 2013. The group became a big success in Korea with their debut . They won several New Artist of the Year awards. Their popularity spread and they started to get fans in Japan and the USA. They have many followers on social . In March 2016, they broke the for the most re-tweeted artist. In December 2017, they were the world's tweeted about celebrities. They got over half a likes or re-tweets. BTS' new album is in Korean. Even though there is little English on the album, they have sold out in the USA.

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