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China is looking at a way of stopping the country's increasing divorce rate. Couples file for divorce are being asked to take an exam to find out how they love each other and whether the marriage can be saved. Up to of Chinese marriages between those in the 1980s have ended in divorce. People say the rising divorce is because of there being more women. They are more independent and less in need of a partner. The rise of social media and apps has added to the problem. Now there are more extramarital .

The divorce test has had a mixed . A marriage-registration said the test was aimed at reducing the divorce rate and preventing " divorces". It said: "Only the of millions of family units can achieve the harmony of an entire ." Other Chinese people were less enthusiastic about the 15-question test. One on social media asked: "So if you remember your wedding you can't divorce? Divorce isn't a of amnesia." Another wrote: "They are and they have the to divorce. This is interference in domestic affairs."

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