Gap Fill - Pacific Ocean - Level 0


  • Choose the correct word from the drop-down menus below.
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   again      body      climate      dangerous      day      every      heart      how      man      mentally      months      much      ocean      old      people      plastic      shape      sharks      something      tired  
A 51-year- French will swim 9,000km across the Pacific Ocean. He started on Tuesday. He will swim for eight hours a for six . It is . There are . The is cold. He will be and lonely. He said being strong was important. He will "always think about positive."

The man trained for six years. He swam day. He is in great . He is doing the swim to get to think about change, and about much there is in the ocean. Doctors will check his to see how so exercise affects the . After he swam across the Atlantic in 1998, he said: "Never ."

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