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The words
U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un could be in [line / rein] for a Nobel Peace Prize. The two leaders have a chance of [winning / winner] the award after their historic meeting in Singapore on Tuesday. Betting companies have [out / cut] their odds on one or both of them [getting / get] the prestigious prize. President Trump is now 2/1 to get it, either [alone / lonely] or as part of a team. North Korea giving [down / up] its nuclear weapons and the USA stopping its "war games" with South Korea would [definite / definitely] make the world a safer place. Asle Sveen, a Nobel Prize historian, said: "If there was [really / real] disarmament on the Korean peninsula, it would be very [difficulty / difficult] to not award them the [prize / prized] ."

The [historic / history] meeting between President Trump and Chairman Kim will [go / gone] down in history as a key event of the [late / early] twenty-first century. It was the first time ever that a [sitting / sat] U.S. President and a North Korean leader have met. The two men [shaken / shook] hands, met in private, had lunch together, and signed an agreement that promised a better [future / past] together. Some people say the two leaders do not [deserve / reserve] the prize. They say that the world is less secure because President Trump withdrew from [a / the] Paris Climate Agreement and destabilized the Iran nuclear deal. The [critics / criticism] also point to human rights issues in North Korea. [Other / Another] people say South Korean President Moon Jae-in deserves the prize.

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