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The words
Algeria has [turned / tuned] off its Internet all over the country to stop students [cheating / cheat] in high school exams. Algeria's government said it wanted to [do / doing] something to stop students secretly going online [while / during] nationwide school tests. All Internet service was stopped for an hour after the start of [every / each] of the exams. The government will shut the Internet [up / down] during the whole exam season, between June 20 and June 25. In [addition / additionally] , all electronic devices with Internet [excess / access] have been [banned / binned] from the country's 2,000 exam centers. Even teachers cannot take phones into the exam halls. There were many problems in 2016 when test questions were [leakage / leaked] online both before and during exams.

Algeria's Education Minister Nouria Benghabrit told the Algerian newspaper Annahar that Facebook would also be blocked [across / crossing] the country for the six days the exams were [taking / taken] place. She said she did not like [done / doing] this but she could not [do / done] nothing and give opportunities to students to cheat in tests. As an [addition / added] security measure, metal detectors will be [places / placed] in all exam halls, and security cameras and mobile-phone blockers have been set up [of / at] the printing companies where the exams are printed. Many students [throughout / thought] the government was doing the [rightly / right] thing. Rania Salim, 16, said it wasn't [fair / fare] that students who didn't study could get help in exams by using their mobile phone to cheat.

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