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The words
British singer Sting has [called / calling] world leaders "half-men and cowards" for their failure to [solution / solve] the refugee crisis. Sting hit [up / out] at leaders during an Amnesty International concert in Athens, Greece. Amnesty International is the largest human rights NGO [in / on] the world. Sting also praised Greece for the way it has helped refugees [under / over] the past few years. He said: "Thank God for Greece because you have [shown / shorn] the way. You have shown how to [treat / treaty] refugees when other people are building walls. When children are [been / being] taken from their mothers and put in cages, you are [action / acting] with compassion and generosity and common sense....Our so-called leaders, a [sadly / sad] parade of half-men, cowards, have not got the solutions."

Sting told [crowding / crowds] that Greece helped nearly a million refugees in 2015, [even / ever] though it was dealing with a major financial crisis. Other countries [refused / confused] to help the refugees. Many quickly [build / built] barbed-wire fences to keep them out. Sting had [harsh / hush] words for the recent family-separation policy in the USA. More than 2,000 children have been detained and [separation / separated] from parents who tried to cross the Mexico border [into / onto] the US illegally. The concert audience cheered and applauded when Sting called this [police / policy] "brutal" and "barbaric". Some European countries still seem [willingly / unwilling] to help refugees. Italy recently turned away a German boat of 350 immigrants. Spain eventually agreed to [accept / except] the refugees.

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