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The words
The Chinese government is putting a limit [in / on] how much pay its movie stars get. The government says that actors getting very high salaries is bad [for / from] society. Authorities say a lot of actors [tried / try] to avoid paying tax and their love of money [be / is] harmful. Government officials said they want to stop "money worship" in society and in the movie [industrial / industry] because money is not the most [important / importance] thing in life. The government also wants to [try / trying] and stop a celebrity culture from developing. It says many young people are "[blindly / blind] chasing celebrities" and turning them into [heroics / heroes] , which is giving people a false idea about what life is really like. The government said movies should [benefit / beneficial] society, not movie star bank accounts.

The government has issued a [sets / set] of rules that tell movie production companies how to [paid / pay] their movie stars. The salaries of actors will be [mapped / capped] at 40 per cent of the total cost of the movie. [Addition / Furthermore] , leading actors will receive no [most / more] than 70 per cent of the total wages for the entire cast. Many Chinese citizens said they support the new [rules / rulers] . They say it is not good for society that "greedy" actors and celebrities are "showing [off / on] " their wealth and "Hollywood lifestyles". One Chinese citizen wrote on social [medium / media] : "Society has given them too [many / much] and they give nothing back. They do not teach young people about the value and importance of humility and community [in / on] China."

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