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Images of an American trophy hunter [posted / posing] for a photo next to a black giraffe that she had shot and killed in South Africa have cause [outage / outrage] online. It has sparked a [heated / hated] debate on whether or not trophy hunting should be [binned / banned] . Wikipedia says: "Trophy hunting is the hunting of wild game for human [recreation / recreational] . The trophy is the animal or part of the animal [keeps / kept] , and usually displayed, to represent the success of the hunt." A fee is usually [pays / paid] to the government to help wildlife conservation. Critics of this say countries [earnings / earn] far more from wildlife tourism than from big game hunting. The giraffe's killing is being [compared / comparison] to Cecil the lion, the iconic big cat [haunted / hunted] and killed by an American dentist in 2015.

The latest killing [caused / causing] an account on Twitter called Africa Digest to write: "White American savage, who is [part / partly] a Neanderthal, comes to Africa and shoot down a very [rare / rarely] black giraffe, courtesy of South African [stupidity / stupid] ." The American hunter [defensive / defended] her actions. She told CBS News that the giraffe was an old male that was attacking and killing younger giraffes. She said: "This is [calling / called] conservation through game management. Now that the giraffe is [gone / going] , the younger bulls are able to [breeding / breed] ." Paul Babaz, president of the hunting group Safari Club International [defensive / defended] the woman. He said: "She was hunting in South Africa and giraffes are [legally / legal] to hunt in South Africa."

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