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The words
The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has made people [angrily / angry] . He said he would resign if anyone can [proof / prove] that God exists. President Duterte has a history of upsetting people with his [religiously / religious] beliefs. He recently made many [people / persons] in his largely Roman Catholic country angry [as / by] calling God stupid. On Friday, he questioned the [principles / principals] of the Roman Catholic Church. In particular, he [challenged / challenge] what the Church says about sin. He asked why sin can only be [removal / removed] from children by paying money to the Church. He said: "Where is the logic of God there?" The 73-year-old leader said that [they / he] wanted "one single witness" who has a picture [or / of] a selfie that a human was "able to talk to and see God".

Opponents [of / for] the president hit back at him [as / by] calling him "one evil man". Senator Antonio Trillanes said the president's comments [showing / showed] that Mr Duterte lied, had [no / any] heart and was a ruthless leader. Despite his comments, President Duterte said he did believe in God. He said: "There is a universal [minds / mind] somewhere which controls the universe." Duterte is very [populated / popular] in the Philippines for his policies on drugs and crime. He has spent the [passed / past] few years fighting a war on drugs in which hundreds of people have [being / been] killed. He also appeared at an event in which customs [official / officials] crushed illegally imported luxury cars. He has agreed to meet religious leaders at a meeting on Monday to [ease / tease] tensions.

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