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Scientists in the Amazon rainforest have come [across / crossing] a new wasp that could encourage Hollywood to make a horror movie. The newly-discovered insect has a [hug / huge] stinger on its tail that could [inject / injection] a powerful and deadly sting into any [fortunately / unfortunate] victim. A scientist said the stinger "looks like a [farce / fierce] weapon". The stinger delivers a paralyzing [venom / venomous] that debilitates its victims. Once paralysis has set [on / in] , the wasp lays eggs inside the victim's [bodily / body] . Researchers from the University of Turku in Finland discovered the wasp. A professor in biodiversity research said: "The stinger of the new parasitoid wasp...is not only [length / long] but also very wide, in comparison to the size of the [species / specs] ."
The professor explained that parasitoid insects put [lava / larvae] inside their host - usually [another / other] insect. Once the larvae grow, they eat the insect from the inside [outer / out] . Researchers believe the unfortunate victim of this new wasp is [likely / liken] to be a spider, although they need to [undertake / overtake] further research to ascertain exactly which species of spiders might fall [play / prey] to the wasp's stinger. The professor explained that: "The giant stinger of the current [specials / species] is very likely a highly sophisticated tool [was / as] well. Unfortunately, we can only guess at its other purposes." He added: "Beautiful and exciting species [within / with] strange habits catch people’s attention and highlight the [important / importance] of maintaining vulnerable ecosystems."

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