Gap Fill - Pink - Level 1


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   bright      colour      dinosaur      discovery      exactly      forms      important      longer      news      oldest      organisms      original      powder      researcher      researcher      rocks      scientist      still      tiny      year  
Scientists have found that pink is the world's colour. Researchers looked at 1.1-billion-year-old rocks from the Sahara. They made from the rocks and found a bright pink . A from the Australia National University experimented on the . She said ancient the pink colour. They lived in old oceans that no exist. At that time, organisms were the biggest life on Earth.

The was amazed at the pink in the rocks. She thought the rock powder would be black, but it turned pink. Another was also surprised that the 1.1-billion--old rocks "had this bright pink" colour. The scientist explained how this is. She said: "Imagine you could find a fossilized skin that has its colour - green or blue. That is the type of that we've made."

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