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A new of transport is arriving. A flying car called BlackFly, from Google co- Larry Page, could go on next year. It can travel for up to 40km at a of 100kph. It could cost the same as an sports-utility car. The was tested in Canada, which has allowed its . Even though it will fly in the , drivers (or pilots) will not need a pilot's to get behind the controls. However, people who operate BlackFly will have to complete a pilot's written examination. They will also receive training in how to use the vehicle.

Critics say the term "car" is because it has no and cannot go on roads. A better description would be a person-carrying . The vehicle carries one person. It is powered by eight . The company's CEO said: "Opener is re-energizing the of flight with a safe and flying vehicle that can free its from the everyday of ground transportation." A former vice-president at Google said the of personal flight is near. He said: "I've noticed in my that things go from impossible to inevitable in a very short period of time."

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