Gap Fill - Moon Landing - Level 4


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   alive      because      categories      chance      fascinated      first      history      house      items      legacy      lunar      many      medals      mission      obviously      one      sale      single      son      what  
We will have a to buy a piece of space exploration . Neil Armstrong's collection of mementos will be auctioned. Mr Armstrong was the person to walk on the moon. Items from that landing will go on sale, including a US flag and astronauts' . The auction house said the will be popular. It said: "Space is of the very, very few that every person seems to be interested in....They are by it."

Neil Armstrong kept his space souvenirs in his . His said his father never talked about to do with them. He said: "He did save all the , so he felt they were worth saving." His sons decided to auction the items to share their father's . They restored of the items. They also said it was difficult to identify some things there were not many people who were connected to the Apollo 11 .

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