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The words
A university in South Africa has decided to no [length / longer] use titles such as Mr‚ Ms or Mrs. The University of the Witwatersrand said it will stop [used / using] these titles on any [form / from] of communication with students. It took this [decision / decisions] to support people who were transgender or gender non-conforming. A statement from [officially / officials] read: "The university realizes that it is invalidating and [de-stressing / distressing] for a person who‚ for example‚ was...female [for / at] birth but identifies as male to be constantly addressed [by /as] a non-affirming title." It added that people who were transgender or non-binary are choosing the [gander / gender] -neutral title "Mx," which is legally recognized in many countries [across / cross] the world.

The decision has been [widely / width] welcomed by the university community. The university said it, "opposes [tall / all] public and private discrimination on the [basis / oasis] of gender identity and gender expression". A [universal / university] official said: "We want people in our university community to feel safe‚ [support / supported] and ultimately respected. As a transgender [person / people] myself‚ it means a lot being in a space which is [welcomes / welcoming] ." A law professor said the action was, "the most wonderful [moment / memento] for true equality across a multitude of spectrums". She added: "It's a [triumph / triumphant] for an understanding of the diversity of gender identity‚ sexual orientation and the right to be [respective / respected] for whomever you are."

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