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Many people cannot sleep using a fan, but scientists say this could be bad us. This is unwelcome news for those us struggling to nod during the current scorching hot weather. According to sleep experts the website Sleep Advisor, there are many reasons why the use a fan could be detrimental to our health. Fans can cause problems people with asthma or hay fever. The rotating blades fans cause dust and pollen to circulate around the room and add to an asthmatic's sleeplessness. Sleep Advisor says circulating air can dry and irritate your eyes, mouth and sinuses, which also makes it difficult to sleep. Fans also cool the air and can make muscles tense and cramp.

Other sleep experts disagree and say there are no dangers to health using a fan. Dr Len Horovitz, a specialist the health the respiratory system, said: "There's nothing a fan that's toxic. There's nothing wrong circulating air." He told the Live Science website that if a fan stops us sweating, it will help us to sleep. He said people should keep fans a safe distance their bed and not have them blowing directly at their body. He also recommended keeping an air filter the bedroom to reduce the levels dust in the room. Sleeping with a fan may be preferable to using an air conditioner, which can chill any sweat on our body and possibly cause us to wake with a cold.

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