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be weigh use come transport believe erect supply move bury
Scientists say they have details about who the 5,000-year-old prehistoric monument Stonehenge. The ancient stones in the southwest of England famous all over the world. How Stonehenge was has been a mystery for thousands of years. A new study that the architects and builders of Stonehenge could have from Wales, which is more than 160 kilometres away. Researchers in the Scientific Reports journal that some human bones at the site were from the Preseli Mountains in west Wales. The researchers said the oldest human remains so far back to about 3000 BC, which is over 5,000 years ago.

Stonehenge a ring of standing monoliths - giant stones. Each standing stone is around four metres high and 2.1 metres wide. They each around 25 tons. Scientists say Stonehenge was first as a burial mound. The giant monoliths also from the Preseli Mountains. Scientists are not sure how ancient people the giant stones the 160 km to their site in Stonehenge. They now the people who are buried at Stonehenge helped transport, position and the stones. Researcher John Pouncett said: "People from the Preseli Mountains not only the bluestones used to build the stone circle but with the stones and were there too."

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