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The words
The prime minister of Tonga has [challenging / challenged] leaders of other Pacific nations to [lose / lost] weight. He is asking them to [join / joint] the fight against obesity by taking part in a one-year-long weight [lost / loss] challenge. The prime minister, Akilisi Pohiva, told the Samoa Observer newspaper that he will he will [set / let] the challenge when leaders meet at the Pacific Island Forum in the tiny [national / nation] of Nauru in September. He said: "We should all [get / getting] together for a weight-loss competition for an [entire / entirely] year, so when we meet the following year, we will weigh [on / in] again and see who has lost the most." He added: "We have been talking about the same issue, [over / under] the years but it doesn't seem to work."

Mr Pohiva also [speak / spoke] about Tonga’s life expectancy going down because of obesity and weight-related issues. He said: "It is now [up / down] to 68 years old, [yet / yes] at one stage it was 71. It has reduced [significantly / significance] ." He hopes his weight-loss challenge will encourage Pacific islanders to lose weight. He said: "Once the leaders are [adapted / adapting] to that mindset they would [been / be] determined to get their people doing the [same / some] ...and go from there." The Secretary General of the Pacific Island Forum said Pacific island nations were [losses / losing] their fight against child [obesity / obese] . The World Health Organization said 20 per cent of children between the [aged / ages] of five and 19 were obese in 10 Pacific island countries.

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