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Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has [suggestive / suggested] that the U.S. dollar could be losing its [status / statues] as the world's most important currency. Mr Lavrov said that [because / however] the U.S. has imposed economic sanctions [at / on] countries like Iran, Turkey and Russia, these countries could start [conducting / conduction] international business in their own national currencies [instead / rather] of the dollar. In addition, countries that have had trade tariffs imposed [in / on] them by the U.S. could also do trade in their [owner / own] currencies. This could include the global economic superpower China ditching the dollar. China is already setting up trade [deal / deals] in its own currency. Experts say the U.S. dollar could lose its position [as / was] the international reserve currency.

The U.S. dollar replaced the British pound [was / as] the international reserve currency in the 1920s. Since [then / that] , most international trade has taken place [usage / using] the dollar. Today, when China buys oil from Iran, it pays in U.S. dollars. This means more U.S. dollars [flower / flow] out of the U.S. than flow in. The [affect / effect] of this is the U.S. has a currency deficit as its dollars are [in / on] the bank accounts of other countries. Mr Lavrov said: "I'm confident that the [grave / grace] abuse of the role of the U.S. dollar [as / was] a global reserve currency will result [over / under] time in the weakening and demise of its role." China's currency the yuan is emerging as an alternative trading currency. Africa's most [popularity / populous] nation Nigeria has already started trading using the yuan.

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