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Tens [of / for] thousands of Muslims in Australia have gathered [to / for] pray for rain for Australia's drought-afflicted farmers. The prayers were incorporated [onto / into] the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. Dozens of mosques included prayers [to / for] rain in their celebrations for the holy [celebratory / celebration] . Eid al-Adha is one of Islam's holiest festivals. It is often [referred / refers] to as the Festival of Sacrifice and is celebrated [at / by] sharing food with family, neighbours, as well as the poor and [needy / needed] . The biggest gathering was at Sydney's Lakemba Mosque, which was [attention / attended] by over 30,000 Muslims. An imam of the mosque said: "God will send down rainfall. It is our [duty / duly] to help Australians, especially the farmers."

Australia is [currently / currency] undergoing its most devastating drought in living [memorial / memory] . The whole of New South Wales, the country's most [populous / population] state, is in drought. A state farmers' spokeswoman, Kathleen Curry, told the ABC news agency how much farmers appreciated the [supports / support] and thoughts of the Muslim community. She said: "I think it [real / really] touched the heart of our farmers during this period." She added: "Every little [bit / bite] helps." Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull [recent / recently] committed $1.3 billion [in / on] relief funds for farmers to safeguard their livelihoods. The [disturbance / disturbing] thing is that it is currently winter in Australia and the hot summer weather is looming and threatening to [worse / worsen] the situation.

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